VOICE in stock for faster picking and efficient communication.

Reach efficient communication in the warehouse using the best solutions. POWERvoice® is an IT system that enables interaction based on voice commands between the user and the mobile device in use. This data is sent via a wireless network.


Do you own a WMS system and would like to increase your productivity during picking? POWERvoice® is the perfect solution for you!


The software supports barcode readers which is how  product identification becomes even faster. The voice control system is a technology that is perfect for use in harsh industrial conditions such as cold stores, factory and distribution halls. The use of voice technology is all the more profitable while performing tasks which you need your hands for. POWERvoice® enables effective communication between a man and a computer system while increasing employee productivity. Everything is done online and in real-time (real-time monitoring). Individual warehouse tasks (e.g.  informing the employee about the status of tasks, indicating the location of the next task, or confirming a task) are done by means of a voice command.


In a complex warehouse environment and distribution centres, accuracy and efficiency are crucial. The tools used to manage the distribution centre or a warehouse develop quickly, from the warehouse management system based on paper documents, through the use of radio and RFID technology, up to the voice communication technology. Voice technology improving warehouse management boils down to the use of speech as an innovative and, at the same time, the most natural method of communication between a user and IT system. Voice commands are issued to warehouse employees through the voice control system, accurately instructing the user which product from which place in the warehouse to take.


This technology offers the following modules:


POWERvoice® – software interpreting the defined process algorithm, designed for devices with a Windows CE operating system. A suitable headset with a microphone is required to use all the available functions;


VoiceDesigner – software for graphical modelling of the process algorithm. POWERvoice® is an application that performs the previously modelled process algorithm in the VoiceDesigner application. It is able to contextually move between the defined process steps while informing the user about work progress through a speech synthesizer and screen.  Communication in the opposite direction is done via simple voice commands given by a user. POWERvoice® has the ability to integrate with the WMS and ERP class systems based on the SQL Server 2008, Oracle XI and other database engines;


Speech synthesis module – the use of TTS (Text To Speech) technology allows you to transform any message from a text to a voice message;


Speech recognition module – using  ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) technology. The so-called ‘Operator-independent solution’  used does not require training before starting work. This will allow you to minimise the time needed for a new operator to start working with the system.


The POWERvoice® solution works with the WMS OPTIpromag® and AMS OPTIest® systems.


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Out of the four phases of warehouse processing; acceptance; storing and order issuing; completion,  thus phase 3 is the most important. It is currently the biggest challenge of a modern warehouse and the most significant warehouse logistics process.


Order assembly or order picking involves searching for goods and preparing them for shipment to the end customer. This is a highly labour-intensive process. If done manually, it can generate a large number of errors. One of the solutions to improve the work of people dealing with completing orders is a system based on voice technology, i.e. POWERvoice®. The system is designed to speed up the picking process and facilitate better communication in a warehouse.


Efficiency increase – capacity increase throughout existing facilities;

Reduction of operating costs – quick return on investment (ROI), usually within 6-9 months of implementation. After this period, the benefits of the POWERvoice® contribute to increasing the company’s profits by reducing costs, working time and error reduction.

Accurate tracking of warehouse operations (tracking and traceability) – error-free location of resources, objects and people in a warehouse.

Added value to the ERP / WMS system – more benefits from ERP or WMS implementation, such as  voice commands received directly from the management systems;

Accuracy – increase in accuracy and timeliness of dispatch and error reduction;

Employee satisfaction – employees gain ease of movement and the ability to focus on their own activities and therefore work faster and more precisely;

Reduction of employee training time – after 5-minute training employees are ready to perform the task step by step, using voice commands. Feedback from companies using voice technology has consistently shown that the total time of adaptation of new employees is reduced by 50%;

Safety – employees have their hands free which is especially useful in industries where working conditions are difficult (e.g. cold storage rooms).

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