ALUPROF S.A. is one of the leading suppliers of aluminum systems for the construction industry in Europe. The company belongs to the capital group of Grupa Kęty S.A., with 60 years of experience in the industry, which has branches in most European countries and in the United States. ALUPROF S.A. carries out production in 4 plants located in Bielsko-Biała, Opole, Goleszów and Złotów.


Fleet management plays one of the key roles in optimizing transport processes at Aluprof S.A. Recently, the company decided to implement a solution in one of its plants, which resulted in increased efficiency related to the management of returnable packaging and enabled its efficient identification. OPTIDATA delivered a centralized RPS (Retunable Packages System) circulation management system, which is one of the TMS FALCON® software modules. The commissioning took place in the production plant of ALUPROF S.A. located in Opole and has been integrated with the client’s ERP system. It is worth noting that the implementation work has been divided into stages, each of which provides fully functional modules.


As part of this implementation, an Android-based application for drivers was launched and integration with the SMS communication gateway was performed. Modules aimed at managing master data (carriers, drivers, means of transport), controlling documents (transport orders and transport documents) to the extent necessary for proper tracking of the circulation of numbered media and managing information on media and application users were also subject to implementation.


The main purpose of the system is to track returnable packages during the processes related to receiving, issuing and circulating them outside the plant. Their precise location is possible thanks to the previously assigned unique identification number. Thanks to data registration in the system, we can determine exactly where the carrier is – at the customer’s place, on the route or in the warehouse. In addition, we also know the geographical location of the car and the destination of the transport. It is worth emphasizing that the system has many functionalities that help in efficient communication between contractors, and its launch is possible on all devices supported by the Android system.


Benefits of managing returnable packaging in the RPS system:

  • Optimizing the availability of return media.
  • Real-time media availability analysis.
  • Possibility of full tracking of media circulation.