The FERRERO GROUP is a leading international confectionery producer, which currently sells its products in 170 countries located across 5 continents. FERRERO has been operating in Poland since 1992, employing over 1600 employees.


For the purpose of modern and effective fixed asset management, Polish companies of the FERRERO GROUP have decided to cooperate with Optidata. The implementation of the OPTIest system took place in January 2008. At that time, 10 fixed asset files were transferred from the previously used application to the OPTIest system. Subsequently, they were labelled with permanent labels with unique 1D codes. The organisation and location structure was developed, and an employee dictionary was imported from the SAP system.


The OPTIest is currently the key tool for managing fixed assets in FERRERO, which supports the SAP system by automatically adding value, contracts and persons responsible. The company’s IT department works on the local OPTIest application while the OPTIest WWW module has been made available to other users.



FERRERO became interested in RFID technology as an idea to solve problems arising from the mobility of IT equipment and its movement without the knowledge of the persons responsible for the recording of these changes.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is the latest technology used for labelling fixed assets, based on the use of radio waves as a transmission medium for transmitting information about a given object. Positive test results conducted jointly with Optidata prompted FERRERO to tag all IT equipment with the RFID tags.


The main benefits of the RFID functionality in the OPTIest system are:

  • No need to scan each device individually when in the same location, the RFID reader simultaneously collects information about each labelled equipment;
  • Faster physical inventory creation compared to both the traditional inventory and one based on the 1D / 2D code;
  • Quick asset location, setting the scanner to search for a specific code, the scanner squeaks loudly when it finds the device searched for;
  • The ability to stick a label with an RFID antenna anywhere, even one that will be difficult to access later in time as the RFID reader will read it anyway;
  • Employee awareness of well-protected equipment.


It is worth noting that the Management Board of FERRERO appreciated the use of the RFID identification, awarding a special prize to Mr Łukasz Walenda who was the project coordinator on behalf of FERRERO.