log one Program do etykiet i kodów kreskowych


A modern solution for the creation of logistics and commercial labels.

Logistics and commercial label management have never been more effective. Log One is an IT system for designing, printing and archiving logistic and commercial labels. Thanks to this software, the printed labels meet the Global System 1 (GS1) standards, thus enabling traceability of labelled goods throughout the entire logistics chain of tracking & tracing.


When designing the system, we used the following leading technologies: MS SQL, Model View, Service Oriented Architecture, Windows Communication Foundation, and .NET 3.5. As a result, every customer receives a product ideally suited to their needs. The technologies and solutions used in the application make it a system based on building dedicated, optimal and modern IT solutions.


Log One contains 5 necessary elements ensuring full support for creating and managing logistic labels in accordance with the GS1 standard. The elements are barcode generator; the universal label editor; logistic unit database, multi printout and integration with other systems.



Data transfer security;

Encryption according to the latest Microsoft protocols;

Prevention of unauthorized data reading;

Quick and easy identification of the pallet content by sourcing reading information from the logistic label placed on a pallet;

System reading;

Flexible architecture;

Standalone application;

Cooperation with superior systems;

Continuous monitoring of the flow of goods (tracking and tracing);

Ensuring distribution process security;

Ability to identify and locate a given delivery batch thanks to the SSCC codes;

Integration of activities between the RECIPIENT and the SUPPLIER;

Automatic standardisation of pallet labelling in accordance with the RECIPIENT’s requirements;

Fast and reliable communication between the RECIPIENT and the SUPPLIER provided by EDI technology;

Coupled data and logistics unit transfer straight to the IT system at every link of the supply chain;

Full integration and flexibility of various IT solutions.

Many of the Log One functions are designed to work with other software, including  ERP such as SAP, Oracle, IFS and Axapta. The system has built-in mechanisms enabling the exchange of information in the distribution network using EDI, XML standards and Web Services technologies;

A tailor-made solution – the flexible architecture of the Log One system allows you to add dedicated processes tailored to the individual needs of each client;

Permission management – Log One with a service-oriented process architecture is the perfect solution adapting to the profile of each company. The administrator can add users or grant them the needed permissions;

Import/export data – the ability to import and export label templates saved in .REPX files.

The logistics platform

The Enterprise version of Log One has been adapted to operate as part of an intelligent logistics platform.

All companies that belong to a given platform can have Log One installed which in turn communicates with the Log One Server via the Internet.

Compatibility with external devices

Log One has been written so that the labels designed in it are easy to read for all types of scanners and data terminals.


Log One system allows you to design a label both easily and quickly.

Label in minutes- designing labels with Log One application in a few simple steps. The solution has an intuitive interface and therefore automatically controls the designed labels which makes them compliant with the GS1 standards. This makes Log One user-friendly from the very start.

Advanced Label Designer- advanced label users can use the Label Editor which gives almost unlimited possibilities in creating any given label template.

High comfort of work- a modern interface with a web browser ensures ergonomics and speed of work as well as process automation between various companies in the supply chain.

The huge selection of Log One fonts gives you access to a large number of fonts and ability to use different styles of text.

Database of ready-made label templates- the basic version of Log One has commercial and logistics label templates in line with the requirements of large retail chains and manufacturing companies such as Tesco, JMD or Netto. This database is updated on a regular basis.

Intelligent wizards- even a novice user can create a label that fully complies with the GS1 standards. While creating labels using the label creator, the user is guided step by step by the software that makes sure the entered data meets the requirements of the GS1 standards.

One software, many languages-  Log One allows you to design labels in multiple languages and incorporate them into the same label thanks to the Unicode standard.

Freedom of symbols, standards- create labels by combining text, barcodes, 2D codes (PDF, Matrix), graphic fields, industrial symbols, pictures and more. All symbols used in Log One meet the international requirements of the traceability system.

The Log One industrial symbol libraries give you the opportunity to choose from many high-quality and scalable symbols from various categories. By creating a label template, each user can then import the exact industrial symbols they need.


Effective management of label printing in the Log One system.

Registering labels print-out history for logistic units – Log One enables registration of the complete printout history while giving the possibility to check in what quantity a given label was printed. The application automatically archives all data, allowing you to reprint labels.

Monitoring of printing- the software monitors label printing, so that the user has full control over the printing process.

Technical support- Log One users can count on technical support of a 24/7 help-desk.


  • Full product traceability due to system compliance with the GS1 system standards;
  • Real-time tracking and tracing support – tracking and locating the original placement and movement  of the goods;
  • Effective supply chain management;
  • Traceability system;
  • Reliable identification of the logistics and commercial units;
  • Increase the competitiveness of your company- the system gives the possibility of a flexible approach to the customer and helps to significantly improve the quality of service distribution;
  • Servicing of all printers with Windows drivers and label printers;
  • Business process automatisation which between many companies from different industries;
  • Quick order settlement;
  • Efficient supply organisation;.
  • Integration and improvement of business activities between independent entities;
  • Reliability and full adaptability to requirements specifications of each client.

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