Modern technologies in traffic and variability management

YMS Sophia is a digital traffic and variability management software used in a distribution centre or onsite.  It’s a scalable solution designed for medium and large warehouse and production facilities. YMS Sophia manages the functioning of a centre while observing, recording and controlling all the incoming and outgoing traffic and distributes load. 

By using advanced technologies, YMS Sophia increases the efficiency of work in the warehouse and transport, has an impact on the increase in process productivity and reduces the costs associated with activities in the entire supply chain. 


System available: Saas or on-premise.

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In our application, we pay great attention to making it user-friendly for drivers and guests. We assume that all visitors should be taken care of efficiently and as a result come back with pleasure in the future. Our system therefore offers a number of functionalities that allow you to accelerate and automate repetitive processes. Check-in and check -out can be on a self-service basis. 


Information obtained on time in transport services allows for overall savings. We can communicate with our own drivers via a modern mobile application. YMS Sophia uses the best multi-channel communication solutions currently available: SMS, WhatsApp, MMS, e-mail, and chat, which allow for simple, two-way communication with Suppliers, Carriers and Drivers. Support for standard and repeatable activities, such as calls from the Parking lot, and confirmation of arrival in accordance with the notification, can be carried out by a programmable interactive BOT. Our intelligent BOT communicates in 26 languages, takes care of repetitive tasks while being fully integrated with the YMS application. 

POD (Proof of Delivery)

Integration with the POD application or the GPS / GMS monitoring system allows for optimal management of repetitive loading routines, e.g. distribution transport. YMS Sophia receives geolocation data, with  the use of which  it can predict arrival time of a given vehicle. This allows for accurate loading planning and optimal use of resources such as ramps. 


Check-in / check-out processes for both freight and passenger traffic are comprehensively registered and monitored. The system verifies all planned visits and notified vehicles. For cars regularly entering the facility, the entry/exit process is carried out using several independent sources: IoT, LPR, and the POD app. The system has tools to ensure the safety of departing loads, such as vehicle inspection at the exit gate, weight control and the stop list. These solutions provide full control over  vehicles entering and exiting the premises in question.  


The system can be equipped with additional self-service stations that allow for independent operation processing Drivers can confirm their arrival in the language of their choice, e.g. Ukrainian, English, Romanian or German. When handling the process, we pay attention to the intuitiveness of the application. We want it to be simple and evoke positive emotions among drivers. We ensure that all necessary activities are performed including confirmation of the knowledge of health and safety regulations (upon first entry); consent of the GDPR; additional statements (e.g. a declaration of sobriety) and a facility map. The self-service kiosk supports biometric registration with the option of face recognition, scanning the driver’s documents via OCR and fentry pass printing. 


Intelligent use of resources such as acceptance; delivery and return ramps; gates, parking lots and integration with notification tools such as Web Booking, along with a large wealth of configuration parameters, allow for automatic, optimal and immediate planning of the facilities functioning. 


The intuitive interface and simple operation of the system allows for efficient implementation without the neeFIAd for user training. Own vehicle servicing with cyclical access and notified vehicles is based on LPR cameras that automatically identify vehicles. It is worth emphasising that proprietary vehicles and employees can also be identified automatically using a hybrid reading of IoT tags and registration numbers from the LPR cameras. The module allows you to enter the STOP LIST for unwanted public. 


YMS Sophia advises, handles and manages all passenger and freight traffic within the facility. As a result, there is always information regarding who and what is where within the premises. Additionally we can assess whether the visit is carried out as planned and send a notification in the event of possible anomalies. 


YMS Sophia exchanges data with other IT systems such as the ERP, WMS, and TMS. Our software is open to interface communication which ensures full integration and process automation. 


Everything that happens in the area managed by the system is meticulously recorded and measured. Our software offers a variety of reports with multiple parameters that can be easily customised. YMS Sophia keeps you up-to-date  on the crucial quantitative and qualitative indicators for your organisation. A  user can in turn identify process bottlenecks and react quickly, improving both the level of service and its costs. The dashboard provides quick information to help you make decisions, track daily performance, and improve communication across your organisation. 


  • Maximise the use of the existing infrastructure, and the flow of loading and unloading with YMS Sophia. 
  • MANAGEMENT OF HIGH VARIABILITY OF CURRENT EVENTS such as delays and accelerations of transports 
  • OPTIMISED OPERATING AREA enforcement of all formal requirements (car inspection, stop list of unwanted drivers, verification of documents) 
  • EFFICIENT COMMUNICATION between process participants (drivers, security, employees of individual warehouse sections) 
  • TIME OPTIMSATION on many levels 

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