We know perfectly well that each company has a different operating scheme, and thus needs different solutions that will help it accelerate and increase the efficiency of its work. Among the systems that we offer to the companies cooperating with us, we distinguish WMS Optipromag, AMS Optiest, TMS Falcon, PowerVoice and Log One. All of them have been described in detail on separate subpages, where you will find comprehensive information on their functioning. At this point, however, we would like to focus on two – transport management system and warehouse and production management software.


Using WMS, you can take care of order in the warehouse, and thus significantly speed up the picking, delivery and receipt of goods, as well as ensure that they will be delivered to the indicated place on time. On the other hand, TMS will allow you to control shipment outside the warehouse, i.e. check that the planned route matches the actual, and also quickly and easily settle transport costs. Both programs used simultaneously allow to achieve excellent results, and this is because they take care of both internal and external transport of goods.


The systems we offer are addressed to entrepreneurs who are not afraid of automation and are aware that good organization is the basis of every well-functioning company. For clients who already use WMS and TMS, we also recommend a fixed asset inventory program.


Why is it worth using AMS in addition to WMS and TMS?
First of all, because it greatly facilitates the management of fixed assets. If that doesn’t convince you, then remember what the last inventory in your company looked like. Missing property and many hours of counting and searching that employees could devote to another job.


What’s more, using the program for inventory of fixed assets requires only the appropriate software, mobile collector and barcode printer. Having them all, you can easily manage assets, control the product life cycle, check the operations performed and, most importantly, conduct a quick inventory.

See for yourself how automation can facilitate the work of your company, and thus bring its many benefits.

oprogramowanie WMS Optipromag, program magazynowy


Manage the warehouse process from receipt of the goods to its delivery to the customer. Control production resources anytime, anywhere. Improve logistics. The WMS Optipromag program will help you save time while increasing employee productivity. With its help you can easily track the movement of products from the beginning until the moment you leave the warehouse. And most importantly, check the availability of specific goods online quickly and easily. The use of this software also allow you to minimize the number of mistakes and incorrectly implemented shipments.


Record, mark, and inventory company assets. Do it quickly, error-free and automatically. The use of modern technology will help you in this, which will greatly facilitate the identification of codes in 1D, 2D and RFID format. Create and generate advanced reports. The AMS Optitest IT system is very convenient and useful, because it helps automate the inventory of goods, and thus reduces the time of this process by up to 80% compared to traditional. However, this is not the only advantage, because by operating the program you also increase your awareness of the assets that your company has.


Plan, monitor and settle transport processes. Estimate transport costs already at the planning stage. Optimize route selection and effectively manage drivers and vehicle fleet. You can do all these activities using one program! TMS Falcon will help you easily automate your supply chain. How? It will show drivers the best and fastest routes, thanks to which delivery costs will be reduced. The communication tool will allow you to communicate with employees, as well as check the current status of shipments. This solution is not only convenient, but also very economical.


Create orders and issue goods using speech. Accelerate the picking process thanks to direct communication with the WMS warehouse management system. The Powervoice system allows for comfortable and efficient communication of employees at a distance, without interrupting the work performed. Thanks to special headphones, they can consult each other without using their hands, this solution will work especially in production halls. What's more, the employee is informed by voice about the status of a given task, as well as the subsequent ones that he has to perform.

log one Program do etykiet i kodów kreskowych


Design, create and print a logistic/commercial label - compliant with the GS1 standard. Have permanent access to the Logistics Units database. Track goods throughout the entire logistics chain. All these functions are possible thanks to the use of modern technologies. The Log One system is completely secure because it encrypts the transmitted data and makes it impossible to read by foreign persons. What's more, it significantly speeds up the identification of content that is possible by reading it by scanning the label on the carton, without having to open it.

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