Modern technologies create the future of the business world. By using their countless possibilities, we help to increase the efficiency of processes in management and development of companies. We meet the challenges of modern logistics and production: we optimize processes, eliminate mistakes, increase work efficiency and resource efficiency. In our solutions we use barcodes in the GS1 standard – thanks to them you gain a quick and efficient implementation of product traceability and you have the opportunity to join a global system covering many industries. In order to maximize the automation of processes with quick access to a large amount of variable information, we recommend solutions based on “intelligent” RFID identifiers. The mobile work of warehouse workers taking place using radio terminals (RF) is supported by efficient and secure CISCO radio networks.

Etykieta logistyczna - GS1 - budowa


In an event where the supplier does not have the assigned GS1 coding unit which is the number necessary to create a valid GS1 number, they must apply to GS1 […]

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RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is an identification system based on the use of radio waves as a medium for transmitting data about an identified object. Information is stored on special […]

Wi-Fi networks

Use a Wi-fi network that is reliable, functions in versatile conditions, and is centrally managed. Mobility in business has an impact on increasing efficiency and productivity as well as better […]


The voice solutions provided by our company were prepared based on the products of our strategic partner; an Italian company named IT-Works, which is one of the leaders in the […]


For many years, we have been developing our offer in the field of the latest IT solutions through cooperation with global market leaders in the field of Enterprise Visibility using […]

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