projektowanie sieci wifi, skanowanie sieci wifi

WiFi network design

(PL) Projektowanie sieci wifi - skanowanie sieci wifi - skaner sieci wifi

We offer professional WiFi network design and analysis of functioning or launched radio infrastructures.



During the AirMagnet Planner network design with the use of specialised and professional tools, our engineers can simulate the operation of radio infrastructure at the initial stage of the project when no devices are installed yet. Based on the architectural information of the facility in which the radio network is to be constructed and the characteristics of the devices to be used, it is possible to develop an accurate radio infrastructure model. The AirMagnet Planner not only allows you to design WiFi networks on individual floors but also to verify how waves penetrate other floors of the building. The data is presented in the form of 2D or 3D visualisations. This enables the user to find areas with weaker signal strength, where applying additional hardware solutions or a rearranging the existing ones may be necessary.


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The AirMagnet Planner software allows to:

  • Optimal WLAN design;
  • Implement or migrate 802.11ac and 802.11n along with a performance level prediction;
  • Scan WiFi networks in an external environment;
  • Ensure adequate signal coverage in all required areas;
  • Avoid signal penetration outside the installation area;
  • Forecast of any inter-channel interference.



The AirMagnet Survey Pro software allows you to create detailed WiFi coverage maps and coverage analysis. Data necessary for the analysis is collected in two steps;  passive and active scanning.

Passive scanning automatically saves data collected from all access points and devices nearby. This allows you to accurately visualise the entire network environment, including noise sources and radio signal from neighbouring infrastructures. Passive scanning can also be performed off-site.

During active scanning, the AirMagnet Survey Pro software connects to individual access points and gathers detailed information about a given device. This allows you to emulate the client’s work and collect information such as the transmission speed, number of retransmissions or the number of lost packets. After performing a network scan, the AirMagnet Survey Pro software combines the results of passive and active scanning together to provide data for a complete analysis and design of the WiFi infrastructure.

With help of the AirManget Survey Pro, you can speed up the design and implementation of WiFi, but also avoid the additional costs associated with the need to modernise or transform the entire infrastructure due to incomplete coverage. In addition, the level of satisfaction of the employees or other users based on WiFi use is significantly increased. It can also affect the efficiency of the departments using the network in their performance of official duties and in turn, the efficiency of the entire enterprise.


AirMagnet Survey Pro allows you to:

  • Integrate with the AirMagnet Planner system;
  • Ensure adequate signal strength in all required locations determining the ideal locations for access points;
  • Capture interference between the channels;
  • Image the roaming areas;
  • Scan the WiFi networks in an external environment using other GPS such as  Google Earth for example;
  • Emulate client work to check the speed and quality of transmission in a given place.

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