Our goal is to offer our clients innovative solutions that will allow them to better plan their work and also accelerate their daily duties. With their help, resource management will be even easier. If you do not know which products will work in your company, we are happy to help you find them. Our range includes hand and trolley terminals, barcode scanners, barcode printers, but also RFID solutions and wireless WLAN / LAN networks.


Hand and trolley terminals are Honeywell and Zebra Technologies. With the help of these portable computers you can easily manage the goods. Barcode scanners are devices that enable reading 1D or 2D codes. Perfect for the warehouse, production companies and official institutions. With the help of printers, you can quickly and easily print the codes necessary for marking, and RFID solutions will be used for radio identification.


Wireless LAN and LAN networks are a great convenience for both businesses and individuals. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer, we will gladly answer your questions and dispel doubts.

Software - systemy informatyczne w magazynie

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Choose a system that meets your requirements. Solve your business problems thanks to solutions that are based on advanced tools, proven solutions and new IT techniques. Regardless of whether your company is growing rapidly or adapts to market needs, we will help you optimize and automate the area in which you work.


Choose modern equipment for Automatic Product Identification that will enable you to manage resources efficiently and effectively. In order for you to work better, you need proven, efficient, durable and accurate tools. We will help in the selection of devices for you, we will deliver them on time, and if necessary we will conduct a service. We offer comprehensiveness – consulting, software and device delivery, service and maintenance.

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