How to effectively optimise the entire supply chain? What should be taken into account when deciding to implement or replace the current WMS / TMS solution? What is the implementation process like in similar organisations? We answered these and many other questions in Wrocław on the 12th of June 2019, during the Logistics Academy organised by us. It was the second meeting dedicated to manufacturing, distribution, transport and logistics companies this year.


After participating in the Logistics Academy, each participant:

  • Learned about the modern methods of logistics processes optimisation;
  • Became familiar with the possibilities of inventory time minimisation; the census by 60% and billing by 90%.
  • Learned how to eliminate errors and speed up operations to achieve error-free and efficient order processing and service level by 99,5%;
  • Learned the methods of minimising delivery costs by route optimisation of up to 15%;
  • Knows how to make the most of the loading space through a near to 100% filling.


If you have not participated in the Logistics Academy and would like to learn more about our solutions and obtain training materials, please write to us.