OPTIDATA Sp. z. o.o. completed the implementation of the TMS Falcon® system at CERSANIT S.A. who is a leading producer on the European market with Polish capital. The core business of the Group is production and distribution of products used for finishing and furnishing bathrooms such as sanitary ceramics products, ceramic tiles, shower cabins, acrylic bathtubs and shower trays, bathroom furniture and other bathroom articles.


The implementation of the TMS Falcon® system was preceded by a detailed analysis of the requirements of CERSANIT PLC , during which OPTIDATA modelled the client’s processes and prepared the technical design of the target solution.


The TMS Falcon® system has been implemented in four production plants and the CERSANIT PLC headquarters.


A great advantage when choosing the TMS Falcon® system was the flexibility to implement selected individual functions for the final solution at the customer’s location thanks to the innovative application engine.


The implemented TMS Falcon® system is a complete IT solution supporting transport planning, monitoring, settlement and analysis. The TMS Falcon® system allows you to optimise the selection of routes through consolidation of orders, transport and delivery planning, management of transport service providers, monitoring of transport events, all of which minimise the transport costs. It also streamlines the process of selecting means of transport for specific tasks through a web application for external transport providers. It facilitates the planning of deliveries, estimating transport costs as early as at the planning transport orders stage, and accounting for actual costs of transport.


The TMS Falcon® system has been integrated with the IFS system through a dedicated interface. Integration is carried out through an intermediate interface base that enables two-way communication using central and local interface databases.


Well-thought-out algorithms for process handling and ergonomics of their implementation guarantee a significant increase in the efficiency of work and control of CERSANIT PLC transport operations using existing resources. The significant increase in information efficiency guaranteed by the TMS Falcon® system is also of great importance.