PANDORA is a Danish brand founded in 1982 by a couple;  Winnie Liljeborg and Per Enevoldsen. The world-famous organisation deals with the production of modern and hand-finished jewellery, which successfully continues to conquer the heart of the entire jewellery market. The company’s products are sold in over 100 countries located across 6 continents through approximately 7700 sales points. PANDORA has been developing on the Polish market for several years now, owning dozens of shops.


The implementation of the OPTIest® system involved two companies: PANDORA Jewelry CEE Sp. z o.o. and PANDORA Jewelry Shared Services Sp. z o.o. The client decided to purchase the corporate version of the software, dedicated to enterprises whose intention is to record the assets of two and more businesses.


The software for managing fixed assets was primarily sought to support the accounting and administration department in the daily work related to settlements, reports and inventory. With such a goal, OPTIDATA performed the first labelling service for both companies together with the OPTIest® system implementation. Offices, server rooms, selected shops and a warehouse were labelled. Fixed assets were labelled with the use of polyethylene labels with one-dimensional codes printed on them, thanks to which the inventory was naturally automated.


It is worth noting that OPTIDATA undertakes all types of system modifications and new function creation according to the individual needs of each client. In the case of PANDORA, we have prepared a function that enabled the printing of documents related to the transfer of IT equipment to the employees of the organisation. The client also expressed a desire to improve work by being able to import data from an external system to OPTIest®. As a result, we have prepared a dedicated interface from an MS Excel file.


The benefits of managing fixed assets in the OPTIest® system:

  • Modern and easy fixed asset management;
  • Innovative technologies for automatic asset identification;
  • Error-free and 80% quicker inventory compilation;
  • Aesthetically and permanently labelled assets.
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