Velvet CARE is one of the largest manufacturers of hygiene products in Central and Eastern Europe. Due to the growing scale of production and the need to increase the efficiency of the warehouse decided to opt for OPTIDATA. They chose the WMS OPTIpromag® which was integrated with the previously implemented TMS Falcon® system. Velvet CARE replaced the previously used WMS system due to the growing business needs.


As early as 2013 Velvet CARE became convinced of the substantive and practical preparation of OPTIDATA specialists for cooperation in large logistics projects at manufacturing companies. Then there was the implementation of the transport planning and management system TMS FALCON®, whose main task was to optimise the transport costs.


The implementation of the WMS OPTIpromag® software was preceded by a detailed analysis of the Velvet CARE requirements, during which customer process modelling and the technical design of the target solution were carried out. As a result, we managed to develop dedicated algorithms for the placement and collection of goods. The introduced actions proved to be the correct response to the customer’s needs.


Implementation benefits:

  • Improvement and organisation of matters related to the receipt of raw material (cellulose) to the warehouse;
  • Adjusting the warehouse efficiency to increase production by optimising processes related to the distribution of finished products in the warehouse;
  • Processes optimisation related to intra-warehouse movements resulting in an approx. 20% efficiency increase;
  • Preparation of loading in accordance with the just-in-time method thanks to the integrated TMS and WMS solution provided by OPTIDATA.