Between March 20th and 21th in Łódź, we participated in the 18th edition of the WarehouseLAB managerial workshop, under the slogan: ‘Automation and computerization of logistics processes’. The event was addressed to persons responsible for warehouse logistics. In the first part of the WarehouseLAB, participants had the opportunity to listen to substantive discussions between competing IT companies. In the second part of the meeting, workshops were held during which we presented our warehouse management solution; the WMS OPTIpromag® system.


Thanks to participating in the WarehouseLAB, each participant:

  • Learned about the most important functionalities of the WMS OPTIpromag® system which is an indispensable tool in warehouse management;
  • Learned about the implementation examples of our WMS system in various industries;
  • Had the opportunity to complete the perform timely completion.


In addition, we are pleased to inform you that our company has been recognised by the workshop participants who awarded us the 1st place in the survey measuring the quality of presentations among all WarehouseLAB Partners. Thank you very much for the recognition.


If you did not attend the meeting and would like to see a WMS presentation, please contact us.