FAKRO is one of the largest roof window manufacturers in the world. The company has existed since 1991 and its co-founder is Ryszard Florek who is the initiator of the first roof window production line launch in Poland. It is worth emphasising that FAKRO is one of the most dynamically developing companies in Poland, according to the statistics. The Group consists of 11 production and 17 distribution companies located across Europe, Asia and America, employing over 4000 people.


Over 70% of the total sales of the FAKRO Group products are for export to nearly 50 countries around the world. In connection to the development of sales and the strengthening of product export to foreign markets, in 2015 the company decided to implement the TMS Falcon® system for a more efficient fleet service. Initially, the TMS system covered transports planned from the company’s headquarters in Nowy Sącz. It then successively expanded its operations to other companies within the FAKRO Group. OPTIDATA’s TMS software has been integrated with the ERP – JD Edwards and currently manages communication with the logistics operators’ systems.


The next stage of logistics processes optimisation at FAKRO was the implementation of the warehouse management system WMS OPTIpromag®, launched in May 2019. The WMS system manages the warehouse from the receipt of finished products to the registration of their loading as part of the transports planned in TMS. Advanced algorithms have been created in the WMS system to optimise processes related to shipment preparation including individual orders picking and warehouse space management. The system also supports control over the resources involved in the implementation of processes. In addition, the WMS OPTIpromag® system has been attached to the integrated TMS and ERP systems. Due to this, data consistency has been achieved in all systems.


On the subject of the entire implementation process and cooperation with OPTIDATA, Mr Krzysztof Krzysztoń, Member of the Management Board for IT, logistics and process improvement at FAKRO shared his opinion:


Our clients appreciate the availability of products and timely delivery. That is why logistics in our company is a key element in relation to the proper operation of the entire sales cycle of our products. We must constantly optimise processes related to warehouse management and transport to meet the constantly growing needs of the market. To achieve our goals, we chose OPTIDATA, which implemented the TMS and WMS systems in our company. These solutions centralised and optimised the management of the logistics processes throughout the FAKRO Group.


Implementation benefits:

  • Error and mistake minimisation;
  • Standardisation of transport and storage processes;
  • Acceleration of processes related to warehouse and transport services;
  • Cost reduction related to logistics;
  • Task automatisation
  • Storage space use maximization;
  • Efficient and global customer service, thanks to cooperation with one supplier of solutions optimising all the logistics processes within the company;
  • Effective data exchange between the  integrated systems, thanks to which the customer can better plan the movement of goods throughout the entire supply chain.


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