A big challenge for every company is faultless and functional warehouse management. To allow for an increase in the logistics processes efficiency, it is necessary to have a modern WMS class system. Synthos S.A. decided to implement the  OPIDpromag® system by OPTIDATA. Thanks to it, the company achieved the desired effect of warehouse process management. Synthos is a dynamically developing company in the industry of synthetic rubbers and latexes (50% of revenues), styrene plastics, vinyl and copolymer dispersions, both on the national and European market.


 High-quality service, innovative product solutions at attractive prices, while maintaining high standards related to ecological and work safety are a result of effective and innovative management implementation in all areas of activity.


Such a solution is the modern WMS OPTIpromag® system implemented in the company. It is a solution for the production management field, implementation of warehouse processes, maintenance, quality control and goods completion. The system is supplied by Optidata, operating in the IT industry since 2002.


OPTIDATA has been providing IT systems in the area of warehouse and production management for many years with a wide range of functions, fully integrated with the ERP systems.


OPTIpromag®, as an effective tool in warehouse management, ideally responds to the needs of the enterprise related to automation and looking to increase the efficiency of logistics processes. The pursuit of better quality customer service, combined with precise delivery, has significantly reduced customer complaints.


During the implementation at Synthos, particular attention was paid to the need to improve the efficiency of the issue of goods which is influenced by many determinant parameters. To meet the quality requirements for product releases it was necessary to introduce precise registration of raw materials in the system. OPTIpromag® facilitates the release policy greatly as it is a system with a high level of parameterisation. The editions are associated with individual labelling of logistics facilities in accordance with the individual requirements of the recipients. The release procedure itself can be carried out according to various scenarios, ranging from Cross-Docking, through the implementation of warehouse orders divided into individual operators, to multi-stage release procedures, combined with control procedures (e.g. weighing facilities), linking or printing of logistics codes of courier companies, etc. In OPTIpromag®, support for the release processes is optimised at the highest level of efficiency. It is a combination of the highest performance while eliminating errors.


The OPTIpromag® system functions in many areas ranging from handling of production receipts, labelling, through product placement in the warehouse, handling of standard and personalised logistic and batch units, control of quality parameters against selected criteria, generation and printing of quality certificates up to various reports and dedicated printouts and goodpack packaging management.


The WMS OPTIpromag® system supports Synthos finished product warehouses. Logistic units labelling using the Standard ODETTE (Rubber Network) and the GS1 is implemented through on-line integration with production automation and labelling devices. The acceptance of finished products is preceded by the process of checking and recording of the quality parameters.


The implementation of WMS OPTIpromag® facilitated the control and analysis of logistics operations in the warehouse.


Radio network and both the manual and mobile trolley terminals were used to operate the system. Several dozen users work in the system. An innovative solution is the simultaneous use of WiFi and GSM communications for mobile terminal operators.


The result of the implementation supported the release of goods, completion and distribution processes as well as an increase in work efficiency. The management has gained access to comprehensive and current information on the progress of warehouse operations. Favourable changes noted in the field of error and complaint reduction.


As a result of the modern WMS OPTIpromag® system implementation, a high standard of services was achieved, which translated into the satisfaction of the cooperating parties during the implementation and later with customers.