GASPOL S.A. is a supplier of energy sources and the largest liquid gas distributor (LPG) in Poland. In addition, the company has its own modern infrastructure. One component, in particular, should be mentioned. Namely, the 3 transhipment terminals, 6 liquid gas bottling plants and a fleet of specialised tanks for LPG and LNG transport. In addition, the company has been providing the highest quality low-emission fuels for 28 years. An inventory of fixed assets by an external company turned out to be necessary here.


In order to organise the information about the assets, GASPOL S.A. decided to commission the inventory service to OPTIDATA, for the second time. The physical inventory covered fixed assets located in 8 organisational units: in Warsaw, Lubartów, Gdańsk, Nowy Targ, Stąporków, Wołomin, Zabrze and Sędziszów. The physical inventory at GASPOL S.A. was carried out using portable terminals equipped with a barcode reader and a GPRS modem. At work, it mainly uses software designed for online inventorying. The fixed asset inventory at GASPOL S.A. was effective due to the quick and efficient identification of assets in the company.


At GASPOL S.A., labelling mainly concerned fixed assets located in the company’s offices and the bottling plant. This property was classified as specific and required special precautions. It is worth emphasising that the property of GASPOL S.A. is located in areas at risk of a gas explosion, which forced our employees to use antistatic clothing and protective helmets. For labelling purposes, the use of printed labels with a 1D barcode was applied in most cases. Its literal value will allow the unique identification of the property object using the Code128 specification. Outside the office, additional transparent protective labels or ‘covers’ have been used to protect the labels against mechanical damage.



The benefits of fixed asset inventory:

  • Fast and effective inventory of fixed assets carried out without disrupting the work of people employed in the given company;
  • Professional, trained and committed OPTIDATA staff;
  • Durable and effectively labelled assets thanks to the selection of appropriate consumables;
  • Access to the online inventory data, i.e. in real-time, because this method allows you to verify ongoing work.



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