Nowa Elektro Private Sp. z o.o. is one of the largest electrical wholesalers in Poland. It has a constantly growing distribution network; 36 own and franchise branches located in every part of our country. The company offers a wide range of leading brands of industry articles; 130 suppliers in the permanent offer and over 120 products. In the logistics centre in Zgierz near Łódź there is a high storage warehouse with an area of over 4500 m² and a cable yard with a size of about 6000 m². From there the goods are sent to the sales points and customers scattered across the country, using external forwarding companies and their own fleet of delivery vehicles.


New Elektro invests in solutions to improve the logistics processes in order to constantly improve the level of service and ensure daily availability of goods for its customers. With this goal in mind, the company decided to implement a WMS class IT system that would optimise all processes concentrated around warehouse management. WMS OPTIpromag® replaced the previously used warehouse management solution, the ERP extension, which proved to be insufficient and did not meet the client’s business needs.


The WMS OPTIpromag® system is used in the distribution centre in Zgierz and operates the warehouse using the barcode reading technology. Thanks to this method of work, the software meets the needs of warehouse transfers, optimises processes and reduces the time consumption in the warehouse work. Our solution has been integrated with the Asseco ERP master system through a dedicated automatic data exchange mechanism.


The WMS OPTIpromag® system supports warehouse processes ranging from external receipts, through the placement of goods in the storage area, up to the release of goods to the customer. As part of the deployment of goods in the warehouse, dedicated algorithms have been created to optimise processes related to stock picking zones and guarding the release queue. Goods are issued in four scenarios: e-commerce; cross-docking; replenishment and delivery to the customer. Each of them has a different specificity, which has contributed to the preparation of dedicated collection paths and editions. To ensure full compliance of the inventory with the data in the system, all movements within the warehouse are carried out using processes on mobile devices.


As part of the implementation of the WMS system, we have developed a dedicated module for the electrical installation industry. It is responsible for handling the processes of issuing cables and wires with particular emphasis on cutting and winding them on logistic carriers such as for drums, for example. This solution allows you to optimise work organisation by having the right source media, determining the length of the cable/wire to be cut off, and transferring the media prepared in the process to the issue zone. These activities are the result of reducing the time needed to perform the above operations by 20%.


Implementation benefits:

  • Release times minimisation;
  • Effective use of storage space thanks to the advanced algorithms for goods distribution;
  • Shortening and simplifying of the warehouse process paths;
  • Elimination of inconsistencies in the implementation of tasks relative to the disposition;
  • Integration with courier companies systems;
  • Loading plan management.