To meet the market demand, Mazda Polska launched a service without leaving home. The consultant’s communication with the client takes place via the VBL Serwis mobile application.


The door to door service allows you to change tires or carry out maintenance without a customer visiting the salon. An Mazda authorized service employee picks up the car from the owner and provides a replacement car. Protects the key and the interior. Carries out the service – showing the condition of the car creates a video recording that the Customer can follow the service process on the phone and has the option of ordering an additional service and accepting the costs proposed by the service or rejecting them. After the service, ozoning the interior and putting the car under the customer’s home. All activities are carried out with the utmost care and security. Thanks to that the service process is much faster and the customer has full transparent information about the service.


“The VBL Serwis application has become for our clients the most important communication channel. Repeated playback of the film affects the full understanding of the diagnosis and the conscious decision to” accept “eg higher expenses related to the service. Customers do not always have time to bring their car to us for service, we offer a door to door service. We take all precautions especially now, in the face of a coronavirus epidemic and restrictions introduced. Payments for door to door service Customers can make cashless payments using payment cards. The introduced solution VBL Serwis simplified and significantly automated communication process. ” – emphasized Jacek Kruszewski, Customer Experience Manager at Mazda Motor Poland.


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